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I-Anatomy7 Coaching Model

Self - Leadership Coaching 

Picture Tools

     I-Anatomy7 Coaching Model is the journey of understanding the brain, heart, body systems, and feelings in connection with nature, technology, culture, and sustainability within the journey of achieving the authentic self. The term environment is deeply wired with mental health and wellness as there is a nonstop interconnection between the human presence and the environMENTAL system. I-Anatomy 7 Coaching Model focuses on mental health practices within the environmental habitat to achieve the EnvironMENTAL Wellness. 

     I-Anatomy7 Coaching Model is good for all ages however it is uniquely designed for young adults, their parents, and educators. The interactive and sustainable coaching perspective helps parents and educators find their authentic presence by leading young adults to their purpose. 

     I anatomy 7 Coaching Model uses Picture Tools for the unique coaching communication. Picture Tools are a special collection of shapes, wonder portals, and conversation starters. Metaphoric visuals keep clients' attention on the coaching agenda while leading them to design their own stories. Picture Tools help groups of people build an efficient communication model with a coaching perspective. 

     I-Anatomy7 Coaching Model is the art of calling your I self in action for the wonderful and sustainable living experience. 


Picture Tools

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