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Eva was born into a neurodivergent family facing intercultural moving and staying challenges. All her life, she had to manage mental health stigma plus the puzzle of belonging. She had no choice but to combine her international belonging experience with her abilities to simply survive as a woman who has 4 children.

Years ago while experiencing deep and painful failings Eva found her survival power in seeking the intersection portals between the human and the universe. 

After years of self/group therapies and coaching sessions as a client, Eva felt ready to begin her own mental health professional training. She started her own ADHD & Family Coaching Practice helping people in person and online with Zoom sessions. Next happened the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic...Eva served as an online events coordinator and zoom tutor at various platforms during the global lockdown. She quickly expanded her coaching services and discovered the need for an online coaching school for parents and educators.

This is how the unique I-Anatomy7 Coaching Model was born.

Eva is getting ready to start a Video School

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