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I am a compassionate and theory-driven coach with a passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion and a long background of supporting individuals and their families to develop the empathic skills they need to live successful and meaningful lives. I have built a strong foundation of knowledge and wisdom in this area, and one of my proudest accomplishments has been my ability to integrate bio-diversified and neuro-diversified coaching and training techniques into my work to build client success by witnessing my clients' meaningful existence.

I am also a published neurodivergent author! 
In 2021, I completed my first novel, "Car I Am: #7days" which is currently available in bookstores and on Amazon. I conducted extensive research for @carIamthebook, which is an easy read with an open-ended philosophical perspective on difficult-to-talk-about issues such as identity, neurodiversity, artificial intelligence, sustainability, intercultural relationships, and life on the red planet Mars. Writing Car I am #7 Days has been a fascinating journey of gathering meaningful data from every land I have lived on and every person I have met, including myself.
  - Meet the artificial intelligence character, Car.    
   - Car's best friend Deepa is a young adult with autism and synesthesia. 
  - Deepa's mom Su is an ADHD'er who arrived in Canada years ago in her teen years with a refugee group.
  - Deepa's dad Elu is of Anishinaabeg descent. He keeps his hair short, unlike he did in his adolescence. 
  - The cat named Cat was a tiny kitten when she arrived in Toronto with Deepa's mom Su years ago.
  - Marz is Deepa's long-distance potential friend who lives on Mars. 
  - Through this Northern Ontario Family's 7 days story, you are invited to witness your unwritten and wonderful story on friendship, mental health, sustainability, artificial intelligence, and the red planet Mars.
  - Order your copy on 
    - Please join the conversation @carIamthebook



Eva believes that a human being is the micro version of the whole universe and describes coaching as the art of calling your I-self into action for a wonderful and sustainable living experience.​   

Eva has been a proud participant of Jay Perry and Associates LLC's small group coaching program ALL4ONE after her ADHD & Family Coaching Training at ADDCA. She received her degree in Arts for Communications and Public Relations at Anadolu University in Turkey. ​    

Eva Munife is an almost vegan, minimalist city walker who is deeply inspired by all forms of H2O and everything about the water. She enjoys experiencing sustainability by studying mysticism and philosophy.

Eva Munife Ellis lives in Montreal, Canada and is a single mother to 4 children, plus two cats named Su and Artemis.


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