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Eva Ellis is an AI ethics and identity strategist with experience in multi-disciplinary coaching and neurodiversity. Her approach and focus on AI, diversity, inclusion and ethical practices enable Eva to provide a unique perspective on today's technological possibilities and challenges.

Her unique background makes Eva well-suited to coach individuals and organizations in understanding the complex and ever-changing field of AI ethics and identity strategies. She is a change-maker on AI ethics and identity strategies with her commitment to diversity, inclusion, and mental health awareness. Through her engaging videos, insightful writing, inspiring speaking engagements, and valuable consulting work, she has been empowering young adults, families, and educators by using her leadership-coaching and identity-building strategies.

With her passion for exploring the meaning and questioning the ethical implications of technology and philosophy, Eva is a sought-after expert in her unique field and is committed to seeking a peaceful future for humans and machines. She believes that an individual human being is the micro version of the whole universe and describes coaching as the art of calling one’s I-self into action for a wonderful and sustainable living experience.​ 

Eva Ellis is the published author of her first futuristic novel - Car I Am: #7days -  which explores difficult-to-talk-about issues such as identity, neurodiversity, self-driving cars, online dating, sustainable living, etc. Her expertise in empathic skills plus her dedication to seeking meaning of existence make her an invaluable asset in the field of AI ethics and identity strategies for humans and machines.

Eva has been a proud participant of Jay Perry and Associates LLC's small group coaching program ALL4ONE after her ADHD and family Coaching Training at ADDCA. She received her degree in Arts for Communications and Public Relations at Anadolu University in Turkey. ​    

Eva is a city walker who is deeply inspired by all forms of H2O and everything about the water. She enjoys experiencing sustainability by studying mysticism and philosophy.

Eva Munife Ellis lives in Montreal, Canada and is a single mother to 4 children, plus two cats named Su and Artemis.

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