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Eva Ellis is the Author of Car I am #7days; A futuristic novel on friendship, artificial intelligence and sustainability. Eva founded IAnatomy7, an interactive coaching model for teenagers and young adults, plus parents AND educators. Eva also provides Empowerment Coaching at Trust For Sustainable Living, UK for International School Debates. In addition to her personal coaching practice, Eva has been working for Maxi Mind Learning Centre, Canada as a Brain Training Coach and facility coach trainer. 

Eva’s passion for coaching lies in inspiring young people to reach their potential within the meaning plus their purpose. Receiving her coaching training from ADD Coach Academy focusing on ADHD/Family Coaching, plus coming from a neurodivergent family; Eva combined her international belonging experience with living to self abilities. This is how she founded the unique, interactive coaching model: IAnatomy7…Your Journey to your favorite story.

Eva believes that a human being is the micro version of the whole universe and describes IAnatomy7 Coaching Model as the art of calling your I self in action for a wonderful and sustainable living experience.

She received her Associate Degree in Arts for Communications and Public Relations at Anadolu University in Turkey. Eva has been a proud participant of Jay Perry and Associates LLC's small group coaching program ALL4ONE. She is a volunteer Event Organizer for Toronto Philosophy Meetup. 

Eva is a minimalist walker, who likes sailing plus anything about water.  She also enjoys studying mysticism and philosophy. Eva Ellis lives in Toronto and is a single mother to  4 children, plus two cats named Su and Artemis.

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