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I-Anatomy7  is a unique coaching model founded by Eva Ellis through her mental health journey and international experience.

Working with various age groups, Eva found her passion in Young Adult Coaching. After years of helping young adults and families plus educators in person and online, Eva is now getting ready to launch I-Anatomy7 Video School and serve a wider range of populations. 

I-Anatomy7  Coaching Model helps adults discover their own potential and connect with the young population through their own wisdom...Working with teenagers and young adults and learning from the youth perspective Eva witnessed the need to call for sustainability in our hearts, our homes, and our lives.

Using brain, heart, body, nature, technology, sustainability and asking the question: Where is the fun? So young adults are able to be their own selves and manage our planet better than we did. 

Anyone who lives or works with young people can surely identify with the teen-year challenges. The young population is the human offspring of our planet, they deserve the best nurturing and support with effective coaching.  I-Anatomy7  helps parents and educators coach young people with open-ended support so future adults can find their own purpose.

If the universe is the encyclopedia of the being, then human is the index of the same presence. A human being fostering the environment will know, feel and love their own self and the universe.

Since everything about humans is connected to the universe, bringing sustainable living into our homes and schools is a WIN-WIN for everybody and the earth’s body. 

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