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- Eva Ellis is the Author of Car I am #7days; A futuristic novel on friendship, artificial intelligence, sustainability and Mars.

- Eva founded IAnatomy7, an interactive coaching model for teenagers, young adults,  parents,  and educators focusing on enjoying their EnvironMENTAL Wellness.

- Eva provides intellectually entertaining videos, workshops, and classes on Mental Health, Sustainable Living & Environmental Justice. 

Why will you enjoy reading Car I am #7days? 

- Eva is published author of her book Car I am #7days. Eva shares her own story in a Carnivalesque, open-ended perspective as she calls @carIamthebook: The playground of I-Anatomy7 Coaching Model. Eva invites readers like yourself to play with the metaphorical story of a talking car and The Red Planet Mars. Car's family living in North Ontario Canada; Deepa, Su, Elu, and Cat will join you witnessing your unwritten and awesome story on Mental Health, Sustainable Living, Artificial Intelligence and Environmental Justice.

- Eva’s passion for writing and coaching lies in inspiring young people to reach their potential within the meaning in addition to their self-purpose. Coming from a neurodivergent family; Eva combined her international moving and belonging experience with her self-seeking abilities. This is how she founded the unique, interactive coaching model: IAnatomy7; Your journey to your favorite story.

- Eva believes that a human being is the micro version of the whole universe and describes IAnatomy7 Coaching Model as the art of calling your I self in action for a wonderful and sustainable living experience.

- Eva volunteers for Trust for Sustainability Living, UK by providing EnvironMENTAL Wellness Coaching for young Environmental Justice Activists.

- Eva has been a proud participant of Jay Perry and Associates LLC's small group coaching program ALL4ONE after her ADHD & Family Coaching Training at ADDCA. She received her degree in Arts for Communications and Public Relations at Anadolu University in Turkey. 

- Eva is a minimalist city walker, who likes everything about the water.  She enjoys studying mysticism and philosophy. Eva Ellis lives in Montreal, Canada and is a single mother to 4 children, plus two cats named Su and Artemis.

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