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Why AI Ethics
Identity Strategies?

In this TikTok video, Eva's AI character, Prohuman, can be seen watching a historical AI dance with robots designed by Boston Dynamics on December 29, 2020.
The mesmerizing dance routine is a testament to the incredible advancements made in robotics technology in recent years and serves as an inspiring example of how human creativity can be enhanced by technology.
Throughout the video, Eva's AI character, Prohuman, can be seen happily munching on popcorn while exploring the history of AI folkloric dance practices associated with their AI ancestors.
Overall, the video is a captivating and sarcastic demonstration of the beauty and potential of technology when it is used to complement and enhance our own capabilities. This is a TikTok duet by a user named

As technology continues to advance at an exceptional pace, it is becoming increasingly vital to consider the ethical implications of AI and its impact on human identity. AI has the power to influence our lives in countless ways, from the information we consume to the decisions made on our behalf. Without proper ethical considerations, it is possible for AI to reinforce existing biases and perpetuate inequality.

AI is only as unbiased as the data it is trained on. Without careful consideration, AI can perpetuate these unquestioned data and contribute to the marginalization of certain groups. Biases are ideas that we already have in our heads that can affect how we see things and make decisions. In some cases, we don’t even realize we have pre-ideas or judgements, but these unfiltered ideas can change how we think and act toward certain people or groups.


Likewise, AI can also create new forms of identity and redefine what it means to be human. As such, it is crucial to have an AI ethics seeker who can help individuals and organizations understand the complex and ever-changing field of AI ethics and identity strategies. AI ethics and identity are particularly important in today's age because the potential consequences of unchecked AI are immense. As AI becomes more integrated into our daily lives, it is essential that we ensure it is being developed and used in an ethical and inclusive manner.

Eva's extensive experience in mental health and DEI has equipped her with the skills to approach AI ethics and identity strategies. Her expertise in understanding the complexities of human identity, social justice, and sustainable living issues enables her to make valuable contributions to AI technologies that prioritize equity and fairness for people of all backgrounds.

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