Eva has established EVA ELLIS COACHING in years of training, practice and her own neurodiverse experiences. Through Eva's unique coaching partnership her clients enjoy maximizing their own potential, design their own story and meet the person they always wanted to become.


      Eva designed #Ianatomy, a unique coaching model with original picture tools to stimulate visual learning and embrace both Neurodiverse - Neurotypical population through self coaching and online events coordination. ​

      Eva herself is involved with various learning challenges such as ADHD, Synesthesia, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Synesthesia, OCD and gifted minds. It has been Eva's passion to service teenagers - young adults and their families of Neuro Diverse Population for years.


       She has been using online coaching techniques with her international clients for more than 6 years. Witnessing Covid-19 pandemic, Eva quickly was able to transform her #Ianatomy Coaching Tools for online coaching services.

       Like many things, online communication will stay after the pandemic passes... Eva proudly designed Online Rebels Coaching Services for group and online events coaching. While organizing an online event, Eva provides self coaching to make sure all members are able to express their best selves on the screen. 


        In additional to her self coaching practice, Eva works for Maxi Mind Learning Centre where she is on the training faculty providing Neuro-Educational Therapy at Greater Toronto Area, Canada. ​

      Eva received her coaching degree from ADD Coach Academy focusing on ADHD & Life Coaching and ADHD Coaching for Families. She also has been an appreciative participant of Jay Perry and Associates LLC  ALL4ONE small group coaching program. She earned her AA degree in Communications and Public Relations from Anadolu University/TURKEY.

      Eva enjoys hosting online philosophic discussions and Podcasts with coaching perspective. She runs Online Rebels Meetup, also she is an event organizer at The Toronto Philosophy Meetup and Calgary Philosophy Meetup.  

      Eva lives in Toronto and is a single mother to four wonderful children.