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After all, a car isn’t just a car.

Twenty years ago, when the devastating surge of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic shook the world with deadly blows, everything changed for humanity and its relationship with technology. It's the year 2040. The post-pandemic world is surprisingly a better world that has curiously united humanity in the spirit of sustainable living and peace. Now, when humans depend even more on technology to live beyond survival, thirteen-year-old, atypical, Deepa finds solace in the comfortable memory foam seats of an old Tesla DVT Model III smart car—a driverless family car her family simply likes to call Car.

Deepa likes to live in her own tiny world of electronics in a Tiny Town with her mother Su, father Elu, Cat the cat, and of course, Car. When things get mundane in arguably the most mundane smart town on the planet, Car becomes the family’s confidante who absorbs all their emotions but never reflects his feelings; consoles their heartbreaks in silence but never complains about his needs.

Car tries his best to keep the family safe throughout this seven-day journey to self-discovery, trust, and hope. But what should he do if his only friend Deepa wants him to fly with her to Mars, to save him from an impending doom?

How about Car’s feelings? How about his constantly exhausted battery? And how about his Free Speech? After all, Car isn’t just a car!

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