Eva Ellis is a mindset coach, author of Car I Am #7Days and the founder of #Ianatomy, a unique coaching model with original picture tools to stimulate visual learning for Neurotypical and Neurodiverse people. 


Eva, who has multiple learning challenges such as ADHD and Synesthesia, has a passion is inspiring young adults and their families to reach for their own potential, which is the reason why she has decided to write Car I Am: #7Days. 


Receiving her coaching training from ADD Coach Academy and focusing on ADHD & Mindset Coaching, Eva also works with Maxi Mind Learning Centre in Ontario, Canada, where she provides Neuro-Educational Therapy on ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Dyslexia, Synesthesia, OCD and more. Eva is a volunteer for the Trust for Sustainability (UK), providing online empowerment coaching. She has been a proud participant of Jay Perry and Associates LLC’s small group coaching program ALL4ONE.

Eva, who received her Associate Degree in Arts for Communications and Public Relations at Anadolu University in Turkey, also serves as Event Organizer for Toronto & Calgary Philosophy Meetup.

Eva Ellis lives in Toronto, Canada, and is a single mother to four wonderful human children and two cats named Su and Artemis. 

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